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Leslie Stohlgren Programs
Leslie Stohlgren LLC specializes in training hunters and jumpers at Los Cedros USA.
Training for Horses and Riders at all Levels.
Only training and conditioning horses are taken as there are no school horses available.
The barn attends A-rated shows in the Southwest U.S.. Show schedules and rates are available upon request.
Training and conditioning horse's schedules are set up to match individual needs.
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  • Training
  • Lessons
  • Turnouts
  • Full service grooming is available

  • Swimming
  • Turn-outs
  • Hot walkers

  • Bermuda grass hay
  • Alfalfa hay
  • Alfalfa blend pellets
  • Colorado Timothy mix hay
 Horses are fed up to four times a day. Arrangements can also be made for grains and supplements.
 Stalls are cleaned two times a day, seven days a week.
 24 hour security.

Los Cedros - Phone: 480-575-6121 or 480-575-6100, Fax: 480-575-6110
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